Vedlem Policies

It was agreed on the date indicated by both...

Vedlem car care services center is referred to as the first party and the car owner whose name behind this agreement as a second party and both parties have agreed as follows:...

1- The second party authorized the first party to perform the service mentioned behind this agreement and all other related car services.

2- The state of the paint, roof, and all internal parts are as stated on the document (vehicle condition), upon receiving from the first party.

3- The first party shall not be responsible for any stuff left inside or outside the vehicle.

4- Under this agreement, the second party permitted the first party to work in the vehicle and perform the service as the first party deems appropriate for the performance of the mentioned services with the prices listed in the invoice.

5- The second party shall not be allowed to take out and receive the mentioned vehicle unless the cost of the service is paid in full. If the second party does not pay the cost of the service within two months from the date of issuance of the invoice, the cost of the remaining amount of the car sale shall be awarded to the second party.

6- The first party has the right to use the vehicle for the purpose of experimenting, repairing, or doing what is necessary to perform the service mandated by the second party in all the first party positions and to move between the centers as it deems appropriate without the minimum liability of the first party.

7- Upon receiving the vehicle by the second party and departure from the company's premises, the first party has accepted the work submitted to it and shall not be entitled to any claim after receiving the vehicle.

8-The liability of the first party to the second party shall not exceed the price of 30% of the invoice.

9- The vehicle is delivered to the second party only after payment of the full amount as was agreed.

10- The enterprise is not responsible for the work shown when receiving the customer's car except that it was mechanical or electric or otherwise the work of the enterprise will not be only superficial on the skin, plastic, and carpets and does not involve the mechanical or electrical parts of the car.

11- The company only does the service that is only on the services list and is not responsible for doing any other services that are not mentioned in the service list or orally by the second party.

12- The company is not responsible for any failure in the car that it has, especially cars whose model has been in a case for more than 6 years. If there is any failure in modern models caused by one of the employees of the company will fix this failure or reimburse the second party for a maximum of 30% of the repair or the damaged piece.

13- Signing this agreement proves to the customer that he has obtained the agreed service and must pay the service cost in full payment. Therefore, the customer must take a receipt of the paid amount to prove his right, or this agreement is considered a document to prove the amount and we have the right to request the customer to the competent government sector.

14- Any payment is made as a deposit that the customer is not entitled to claim if the order is canceled and in the case of another order that deposit amount is deducted from the service total cost of the same customer and no other customer is entitled to transfer.

(Working conditions and warranty)

The installation orders are final, legally binding, and irreversible. The customer has read the warranty and approved the conditions of care and maintenance for (Vedlem) congratulations)!.

1- I bought the latest glass insulator in the world which is an insulator (Vedlem) that one of its properties recorded in the heat parcel will allow you to enjoy for long years against sunlight, red and ultraviolet light.

2- Maintenance obligation for the protection film every six months and upon delay in maintenance, the warranty for the protection of the advance is canceled and the company does not bear any responsibility.

3- This warranty will only cover a new cover from (Vedlem) with the exception of labor wages and this warranty becomes void if the product is misused or neglected or if the customer fails to maintain (Vedlem) According to the conditions of the mentioned instructions or displaying the composite surface on the (Vedlem) to damage for any reason beyond the customer's control or the scratches caused by the gathering of dirt around the reels and glass.

4- The composite surface does not guarantee a fracture and, in any case, this warranty does not cover any legal liability arising from injury, loss, or damage of any kind or consequence of what is received and specified here.

5- Warranty is considered to be personal to the customer and is not transferable. This warranty does not cover the subordination to any current or future rules, conditions, or laws relevant to (Vedlem).

6- The seller's liability relinquishes the warranties stipulated or included, including unspecified ones, as well as any warranty of qualitative or appropriate marketing products for any purpose whatsoever not provided for in this warranty.

(Care and maintenance)

For the best service and performance of the (Vedlem ) cover please inform our valued customers about the following guidelines regarding care and maintenance. (30) Thirty days after installation because this period will allow the special adhesive system made with pressure sensitivity and specially designed, In order to get wet and stick to the glass for cleaning after the adhesion period, compounded liquids are not used from alcohol, ammonia and the economical and effective way of daily cleanings, such as using dishwashing soap mixed with clean water. Scratch-proof does not use products made from paper such as paper towels because they place stickers or sticker strips of any kind on the cover and warn against damage to the ends of the casing because this will cause permanent damage to the adhesive system that is sensitive to pressure.


You may notice a light layer such as clouds or fog between the film and glass after installation. This is normal and will disappear within a maximum period of 4 to 10 weeks. bubbles may appear and then disappear. It may form after the lines mounted on the glass that usually needs more than a part of the casing to ensure full coverage.


1. Do not open windows before 48 hours and expose the car to the sun.

2 - Our review is within 48 hours when bubbles or pneumatic grains appear to be processed.

3. Do not operate the fog condenser for at least one month.

4- There is no option to recover any amount or change to the protection in case it is consumed, discolored, or damaged and the company only bears the polishing and maintenance.

5 - Review the guidance behind the agreement.


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